Haegue Yang
Dress Vehicle
a room cover in crystals by Roger Hiorns
Seizure, 2008A Jerwood / Artangel Commission Harper Road, London
A Place for Black Moses
black ceramic tile, black soap, wax, books, vinyl, brass, shea butter, space rock, star scapes, plants, stained wood
 39.25 x 78.5 x 30.625 inches 
  • Koo Jeong-A

  • Untitled, 2011
    wood painted on white mat, cigarettes
    15 metal legs
    880 x 460 x 6.2 cm
    346.46 x 181.1 x 2.44 in
Kara UzelmanSedimentary Stone, 2012found objects, paper-crete, clay46 x 33 x 46 cm
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Hubert Kostner
bbt, 2005, 15x10x21 cm, cardboard, wood

Andrea Zittel

"Indy Island" 

The island is being occupied over the course of four summers by commissioned “residents” who adapt and modify it’s structure according to their individual needs, while also serving as “hosts” in order to facilitate public viewing of the work.

Seth Prince
As in, “Cloth Bound”2012Neoprene, printed liners, zippers, buckles, charms 48.03 x 95.67 inches; 122 x 243 
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Janine Antoni

84 pockets from mens trousers
Opaque  by  andbamnan